Monday, October 12, 2015

Video: Jeff Was Here | Vinyl Destination

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Vinyl Destination crew are in the midst of a tour of Asia, Australia, and New Zealand as they arrive in Auckland, New Zealand to film a video and do interviews for Serato, and enjoy the lavish life in the filming location's mansion surrounded by scenery reminiscent of an old school Puffy video. Jeff rocks the crowd at the Serato Christmas Party before jet setting over to Seoul, South Korea where he and the crew trade 80 degree weather for 30 degree cold. The ritual trip to McDonald’s and hotel to performance, leads the crew to Tokyo, Japan for a meeting with Pioneer, more crew shenanigans, record shop hopping, show rocking, and dinner magic tricks.

As the crew bids farewell to Japan, they head over to the heat of Jakarta, Indonesia where Dayne Jordan left something behind. Jeff does what he does best on the ones and twos and we find out how to tell if Jeff was there. Then, it’s off to Bangkok, Thailand for a rare day off and a chance for the Vinyl Destination crew to be tourists for a day. Jeff shows off his skills as the best Soul Train line escalator dancer before catching a taxi through the hectic streets of Bangkok.

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