Monday, May 25, 2015

Video: Doppelgänger | Vinyl Destination

It’s Easter on tour and DJ Jazzy Jeff is in Switzerland. The guys have Easter dinner Vinyl Destination-style on a layover in the Zurich airport. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jay-Z…err...DJ Ferno experience mistaken identity on separate occasions. A star-struck driver is enamored with DJ Ferno, while Jeff’s “brother” hustles his way on stage at the show.

After that it's planes, trains and automobiles from Geneva to Dubai to Amsterdam to Brussels. Sleep-deprived and delirious, the crew copes with the rigorous travel by humoring themselves in some unconventional ways. A wheelchair race and secret handshake later, Skillz offers a PSA to promoters.

***Thanks to DJ Jazzy Jeff for sending***

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