Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tokyo Cigar x Beastie Boys x Beach Boys - Pet Sounds of Science

Maryland producer, Tokyo Cigar starts off 2016 with a nostalgic offering, remix album "Pet Sounds of Science".  The redux was constructed in 3 days using vocals from Beastie Boys and samples from The Beach Boys (with some classic hip hop drums added in for good measure), as a freebie in preparation for the upcoming Gravity Academy Records releases.

***Thanks to Dub MD for sending***


1. Body Moving 03:07
2. So Whatcha want 04:04
3. Check It out 03:30
4. 3 the hard way 02:24
5. Hey Ladies 03:18
6. An Open Letter To NYC 03:36
7. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun 02:52
8. Get It Together featuring Q-Tip 03:57
9. Triple Trouble 02:46
10. Intergalactic 02:47
11. Alive 02:43


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