Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Psymbionic - Parallels Remixed

Parallels Pt. 1 & Pt. 2, released earlier this year via Gravitas Music, guided listeners to peer through two sides of the looking glass. Psymbionic’s “Parallels Remixed” aims to expand upon the original, adding further dimension to an already potent selection. From smooth nu-disco melodies to militant dubstep basslines, the well-rounded compilation showcases a multitude of talent from the likes of Amp Live (of Zion I), ill-esha, VibeSquad, D.V.S*, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Schlang, Of The Trees, The OriGinALz, and Flavours, as well as remix contest winners Jorts and ORBiTE.

***Thanks to Gravitas Music for sending***


1. One Thing ft. Cristina Soto (Of The Trees Remix) 04:21 download
2. Silkscreen ft. Soulular (ill-esha Remix) 04:12
3. Slither (VibeSquaD Remix) 04:00
4. One Thing ft. Cristina Soto (Amp Live Remix) 04:21
5. How Am I Not Myself ft. Govinda (D.V.S* Remix) 04:31
6. Sonder ft. The Digital Connection (Schlang Remix) 04:27
7. Facade ft. ONE4ALL (Zebbler Encanti Experience Remix) 04:36
8. One Thing ft. Cristina Soto (Jorts Remix) 04:03
9. Continuum ft. Jay Fresh (The OriGinALz Remix) 04:30
10. Parallels (ORBiTE Remix) 03:40
11. Slither (Blood Of The Unicorn Remix) 03:54
12. One Thing ft. Cristina Soto (Flavours Remix) 05:52


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