Thursday, June 26, 2014

Phoniks - Summer Nights

Portland, Maine beatsmith Phoniks sends his new 8-track remix tape entitled "Summer Nights", an upbeat collection of 8 remixes featuring tracks like Jay-Z's "Change Clothes" and Nas "Thief's Theme" given new life through the use of swinging jazz and funk rhythms.


1. Jay-Z - "Change Clothes" (Phoniks Remix)
2. Nas - "Thief's Theme" (Phoniks Remix)
3. Jay-Z & Notorious BIG - "Brooklyn's Finest pt. 2" (Phoniks Remix)
4. AZ - "The Come Up" (Phoniks Remix)
5. Nas - "One Love" (Phoniks Remix)
6. Tupac, Notorious BIG & Big L -"Deadly Combination" (Phoniks Remix)
7. Mase, Puffy & Notorious BIG - "Mo Money Mo Problems" (Phoniks Remix)
8. Black Moon - "How Many Emcees" (Phoniks Remix)


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