Monday, January 20, 2014

Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast {Feeling Godlee But Sometimes Blu ~ The Johnson Barnes Edition ~ Volume Won}

DJ Johnny Rebel sends the latest Morpheus Soul Pod-Cast titled Feeling Godlee But Sometimes Blu ~ The Johnson Barnes Edition ~ Volume Won. Grab it at the link below and enjoy!!!


Johnson&Jonson - Hold On (Johnson&Jonson) 2008 Tres Records Blu & Exile - In Remembrance Of Me (Below The Heavens) 2007 Sound In Color King-I-Devine & ScienZe ft. Sene, Blu & Britain Parker - Happiness Is (Devine ScienZe) 2012 Mixtape

L.A.U.S.D. ft. Miss Jack Davey & Blu - iFeel (CURLYTOPS and NAUTICA JACKETS) Blu & Cookbook - Soul Baby (Yes) 2013 Just-Us Records Sene & Blu - TheWonderers (A Day Late & A Dollar Short) 2009 Shaman Work Magr ft. Blu - Laminated Looseleafs (No News Is Good News) 2009

The Roots ft. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash - The Day (How I Got Over) 2010 Def Jam Recordings Andy Allo ft. Blu - DreamLand (UnFresh) 2009 Ray West ft. Blu & Dave Dar - Stay Still (Berrii Lipstick) 2013 Red Apples 45 Danny! ft. Lil B & Blu - Misunderstood (Payback) 2012 Okayplayer Music

Johnson&Jonson - Bout It, Bout It (Johnson&Jonson) 2008 Tres Records Johnson&Jonson - Oh, Oh Ox [Unreleased] Johnson&Jonson - Wow! (Johnson&Jonson) 2008 Tres Records

RaelBlz - Wake Up (remix) [Prod By. Godlee Barnes] (RaelBlz) Pac Div ft. Blu - Cringe (Our Old Shit Is Better Than Your New Shit) Blu & Nottz ft. Rashad - End Of The World (Gods InThe Spirit EP) 2013 Coalmine Records

Blu & Exile ft. Jimetta Rose - The Only One (Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them) 2012 Dirty Science/Fat Beats Tanya Morgan ft. Blu - Morgan Blu [Prod By. Von Pea] (Brooklynati) 2009 Interdependent Media Blu & Exile - A Letter (Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them) 2012 Dirty Science/Fat Beats

J&J - RockSt.Park J&J - GoodVibes Johnson&Jonson - Baby, Don’t Leave Me Now

Klaus Layer ft. Blu - Illest In Charge (The Adventures Of Captain Crook) 2013 Redefinition Records 9th Wonder ft. Blu & Sundown of Actual Proof - Piranhas (The Wonder Years) 2011 It’s A Wonderful World Music Group Dela ft. Blu - Vibrate (Changes Of Atmosphere) 2008 Drink Water Records

Blu ft. Nola Darling - Never Be The Same [Prod By. Sa-Ra Creative Partners] (NoYork!) 2013 NewWorldColor TiRon ft. Blu - All The Kings (Ketchup) 2009 Mixtape Alchemist ft. Blu - Yacht Rock [Edit] 2013 Chemistry Set 7” Single MED & Blu ft. Jimetta Rose - Burgundy Whip [Prod By. Madlib] (The Burgundy EP) 2013 Stones Throw

Blu & Exile ft. Black Spade - Maybe One Day (Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them) 2012 Dirty Science/Fat Beats Blu & Exile ft. Miguel Jontel - First Thing First (Below The Heavens) 2007 Sound In Color Blu & Exile - LoveLine(s), Dedicated To Last Fe’vrier

Blu - 4U [Prod By. Knxwledge] (Jesus) 2011 Nature Sounds Blu - Just Another Day (Lifted EP) 2006 Sound In Color

L’Orange ft. Blu - Alone (The Mad Writer) 2012 JAKARTA Blu - Amnesia (Her Favourite Colo(u)r) 2011 Nature Sounds MED & Blu ft. Mayer Hawthorne - The Buzz [Prod By. Madlib] (The Buzz EP) 2013 Bang Ya Head Roc Marciano ft. Blu & Quelle Chris - Cut The Check (Marci Beaucoup) 2013

Mhz - Yellow & Blue [Prod By. Suroc] (Mhz Legacy) 2012 Man Bites Dog Records Blu & Sene - True Love [Prod By. Chief] (Collabo Collection) 2009 Feelin Music Arima Ederra ft. Blu - Questions [Prod By. Bhonstro] (EarthTo Arima EP) 2012 Ashley Outrageous

Blu - The Clean Hand [Prod By. Pete Rock] 2013 Redefinition Records / NewWorldColor 12” Single Blame One ft. Blu & Exile - Wonder Why [Prod By. GODlee Barnes] (Days Chasing Days) 2009 Soulspazm Records Shingo Suzuki ft. Blu - Hi(gh) Music (The Abstract Truth) 2008 Origami Productions Johnson & Jonson - Nuts Hang (Powders & Oils) 2008


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