Thursday, November 21, 2013

Myke Forte - Darker Than Black (Official Remix Album) (Jay-Z's Black Album)

Producer Myke Forte sends Darker Than Black his Official Remix Album of Jay-Z's "Black Album"...check out what Myke had to say about this project.

I have never really attempted to do a remix album up until now. I always felt it was a corny way of trying to gain attention by latching onto high profile artists, hoping someone from the Record Label would sign you or something! But I guess I have a special reason to create one at this moment in time, 10 years after the release of ONE of the greatest albums I have ever owned “The Black Album” by Jay-Z.

I thought about creating this Remix Project Titled “Darker Than Black” about two years ago when I was thinking about all the CD’s I used to own that had got stolen and I remembered when I first bought the album. The inspiration came to me when I remembered a conversation about the film “Fade To Black” with a few bredrins at work. We were like hyped as F**k man! The way the documentary was filmed and the processes used making the original album got me excited.

When I realised that the Black Album was coming up to ten years, and Wu-Tang Clan’s Album “36 Chambers” at 20 years that same month it made me realise how much Hip Hop Music has changed and in some ways come right back around. I wanted to create this remix project Darker Than Black as a reminder to myself how much I love Hip Hop and being part of the culture and still enjoying it.

-Myke Forte, Producer


1. Moment Of Clarity 2 (Myke Forte Remix) 4.17
2. Threat (Myke Forte Remix) 4.12
3. Moment Of Clarity (Myke Forte Remix) 4.17



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