Friday, September 27, 2013

Viper Strike - House Mix

Pole Position Recordings sends this House Mix by their very own Viper Strike.  Using CDJs, Ableton and vinyl to throw in the odd bit of scratching he came up with an hour long mix of past, presnt and future Pole Position tracks you can download without any radio chatter.


1. Frej Le Vin ft Ashibah - The More I See You (Original Mix)
2. Matt Prehn Feat. Lasdiva Soulice - Monica_(Samson Lewis's Alternative Dub)
3. Authentiek Recept - "Fancy Jazz Chords" (L'Atelier 'Amsterdam XXX' Remix)
4. Frej Le Vin ft Torben Westergaard - Torben_Jazzin (Matt McLarrie & Viper Strike Remix)
5. Antonio Santana - Epileptia (Groovy Mix)
6. Soulplate & Viper Strike ft Charmaine - Never Deny (Vocal Mix)
7. Clark & Pudell - Zashu (Soulplate Remix)
8. Sixth Avenue Express - Props
9. Matt McLarrie & Viper Strike - Captive
10. Black Magic Disco - First Avenue (Black Magic Disco Remix)
11. Samson Lewis - Double De Clutch (Frej Le Vin Remix)
12. Lauren Lo Sung - Exception – (Forthcoming October 2013)
13. Samson Lewis - Pocket_Rocket (Logistix Remix) (Viper Strike's Private Edit)


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