Monday, August 26, 2013

Syntax - Dialog Diagnostic Mix

Dub MD sends a mix of old and new Syntax, Syntone (DJ Afar + Man Danno + Syntax) and Cocoon Movements (L.i.f.e. Long + Elohem Star + Syntax) tracks.  Hit the link!!!


 Partition A:
1. Progress (from Syntone's "Syntonic")
2. Crevice (ft. L.i.f.e. Long & Elohem Star as Cocoon Movements)
3. Money Pit (from "Dialog'a'Rhythmic")
4. Slot Machine Love (ft. Man Danno from "Iuserapmusictoexpressmyself Vol 1.0.0")
5. Interlude Verse
6. Slow Birth (from "Iuserapmusictoexpressmyself Vol 1.0.0")
7. Forest Hill (from "Dialog'a'Rhythmic")
8. Beatbox Freestyle
9. Gluttony (from Syntone's "2007 Deadly Sins EP")

Partition B:
1. Stuckinthepast (from Syntone's "Syntonic")
2. War Paint (from Syntone's "Syntonic")
3. Syntonic (from Syntone's "Syntonic")
4. The More You Know (from "Iuserapmusictoexpressmyself Vol 1.0.0")
5. Baby Scrubs (from "Iuserapmusictoexpressmyself Vol 1.0.0")
6. Time Breaks Everything (ft. L.i.f.e. Long from "Dialog'a'Rhythmic")
7. Outro


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