Monday, May 13, 2013

Salvador G - Kosher Sausage Rump Shakers Vol. 1 (The Mixtape)

Automatic Reaction DJs sends the mixtape Kosher Sausage Rump Shakers Vol. 1 by Salvador G..  Among other assorted goodies, several tracks from the upcoming Salvador G/MF Rex collaboration, “Dead Pop Stars Society” are featured here. 

Dead Pop Stars Society – XXXtra Juicy (unreleased, official release coming soon)
Salvador G – Supersized Intergalactic
Party Starter (Beastie Boys vs m83 vs Eric Prydz)
MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This—Salvador G Exalted A$$ Rerub
Salvador G – Whoompisfaction
Salvador G – Bedrock Party Anthem
Salvador G – Disco Wrecking Anthem (Busta Rhymes Vs Franz Ferdinand)
pomDeter Call Me A Hole
Dead Pop Stars Society – Hypnofreezotica (unreleased, official release coming soon)
The Hood Internet Knock Power (LL Cool J vs Justice)
Salvador G – Neil Dada (Dada Life vs. Neil Diamond)
Salvador G – 2099 (Prince vs Holy Ghost)
Salvador G – Ignition (the Barbraholic Remix)
Salvador G – XXXtra Dangerous
Dead Pop Stars Society – Dead Pop Stars Are Your Friends (unreleased, official release coming soon)


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